The project Speak Right Now originated from a strong desire to promote and defend human rights in Belgium, and equally the rest of the world. The project was founded by Fedactio non-profit, its member associations and partners and takes place between 3 and 10 December. On the one hand, Fedactio wishes to raise awareness about human rights: what are the rights defined in the declaration? Why are they important? What can we (as individuals or community) do to defend and advocate them? On the other hand, we want to mobilise individuals to act for human rights. Because we believe that only action can create change.

To achieve these goals, activities over the whole of Belgium are organized, each of which with the clear message that human rights should never be taken for granted since everyone can find themselves in a situation in which their rights are violated. Therefore, it is important to advocate protection of everyone’s human rights, especially since the individuals that have their rights violated do not always have the chance to speak up. So, in short, support us and our cause: participate in one of our activities to Speak Right Now.



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